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Our Approach

Innovation, Expertise and Passion for Music

My desire as a concert pianist has always been to share my music with audiences around the world. After attending several concerts by the leading pianists of the current day, such as Grigory Sokolov or Nelson Freire, I experienced the power of music that can change people's lives and even heal their minds and souls. It was then, when I decided - with full consciousness - to become a concert pianist.

To fulfil this dream - in spite of the challenges caused by the covid pandemic - I decided to create this Club as a way of bringing high quality classical music to every corner of the world.

I believe that we are very lucky to be living in times, when it is possible to communicate and share our knowledge and experiences virtually. In the world of classical music, that has recently become the case with virtual concerts and online masterclasses. I decided to go one step further and create a virtual space that will bring all of that together and more...

The Virtual Piano Club is built on the foundation of values represented by the leading pianists of the 20th century, including Alfred Cortot, Shura Cherkassky and Vladimir Horowitz. These pianists belonged to the golden era of piano playing, characterised by expression, spontaneity and improvisation, qualities quite rare at present. Nowadays, with most of the concerts being live-streamed or recorded, it takes a lot of courage for an artist to create music spontaneously, which is not calculated and cold. The mission of this Club is to preserve these qualities through the Club's events and content.

I sincerely hope that this Club will bring value to your life and that classical music will prevail!

Lucas Krupinski - Club's Founder


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